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Evergreen Story (EGS) provides a free platform for people living in the Indian sub-continent and diaspora settled outside to record, share and preserve stories of their lives. The service is available via a smartphone application (“APP”), which has features for recording, editing, sharing and archiving conversations, preferably between two people. We do this to remind one another of our common roots and culture. EGS wants to promote a culture of listening and an understanding that everyone’s story matters.  

Special memories remain evergreen in our minds.  Story catchers on the EGS platform have the option of sponsoring, for a small donation, a fruit tree for a farmer.  Their special memory can remain evergreen and live on in the ‘avatar’ of a fruit tree providing livelihood while expanding much needed green cover for India.

Through our own voices and first-person accounts, EGS provides a platform to preserve amazing memories, family histories, and experiences shared with friends or colleagues to live beyond our lifetimes into the future.  

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Evergreen Story is a storytelling app with a sustainable heart. For every story we publish, we plant a tree. Our mission is to record, share and preserve stories to create a kind and compassionate world. Record a story today

Celebrating Memories