Roxana Anklesaria- The Legendary Queen of the Piano Universe

Roxana Anklesaria

Freny Daruwalla


02 Dec 2021

Roxana Anklesaria- The Legendary Queen of the Piano universe Freny Daruwalla Pune This beloved musical piece is the Schumann Traumerei played by none other than Roxana Anklesaria Doctor. Imagine you are born into a generational business family and as an only child are expected to carry on the succession plan. You go on and tell your parents that you do not wish to run the business, instead you wish to pursue a career in music. What would they say? This is what happened with Roxana Anklesaria Doctor. Her father eventually came to terms with his talented daughter’s passion. Her mom was her rock of support. She is one of the country’s foremost piano teachers with a keen interest in piano pedagogy and a promoter of local and national talent. She is certainly passionate about pianos and the 5 grands that she owns would be a testament to that. Over the past 4 and a half decades, she has trained countless students, many of whom have gone on to win national as well as international acclaim. She began with music studios in India and Canada. Roxanna returned to India and established the Academy of Music, starting off with only two students in one study room in her apartment. 20 successful years later, The Academy now has numerous students and is renowned as a serious music school with the highest standards. Housed in a beautiful 12000 sq ft mansion it is a premier music facility. Roxane believes that “those who teach must dare to learn.” She constantly updates herself on the latest developments in piano pedagogies by attending the Music Teachers National Association annual conference and the National Conference of Piano Pedagogy in the US every year. She is also a teaching member of the Music Teachers’ National Association in the US and has attended conventions since 1994. She is the only international member to be nominated on the board of Frances Clark Pedagogy Centre, New Jersey. She has also been invited to adjudicate and be on the jury of international piano competitions in Italy, the US and Norway. Her grit, determination, resilience, strength, fearlessness and most importantly her musical passion have motivated her to combat all the challenges and struggles courageously and optimistically. She was also extremely keen to provide a platform to the students to exhibit their talent. Hence, Roxana started a national level piano festival called MusiQuest. Celebrity teachers and pianists are invited from all across the globe to adjudicate and work with students at the festival and eventually judge the best ones as winners. Today, I, Freny Daruwalla, am extremely fortunate and happy to be in conversation with Roxane.



Freny Daruwalla


Freny Daruwalla