What's baking at Khodayar Bakery?

Danesh Khodayar

Freny Daruwalla


29 Nov 2021

What's baking at Khodayar Bakery? Freny Daruwalla Pune We shall continue our conversation with Mr. Danesh Khodayar. Khodayar Bakery was started in 2001 by Danesh Khodayar at Sharbatwala Chowk in Camp. Khodayar bakery shifted from Sharbatwala Chowk to Minoo Manzil at Solapur Bazar. I, Freny Daruwalla am in conversation with the owner of Khodayar Bakery- Mr. Danesh Khodayar. Roadblocks, struggles and challenges never left his side. They followed him everywhere. However, the fighter spirit within him and his never give up spirit within him and most importantly, he had immense self-belief and confidence which helped him conquer each challenge happily and optimistically. Mr. Khodayar Always believes that Be passionate about whatever you do and work very hard to achieve your goal is a proverb. He is extremely grateful to his friends for having always being with him, helping him when he had no money at all to start his business. Let us now know a little more about Khodayar Bakery.



Freny Daruwalla


Freny Daruwalla