Just out of the oven...freshly baked at Khodayar Bakery

Danesh Khodayar

Freny Daruwalla


29 Nov 2021

Just out of the oven...freshly baked at Khodayar Bakery Freny Daruwalla Pune The heart and soul of Khodayar Bakery is definitely Mr. Danesh Khodayar. Khodayar Bakery was started in 2001 by Danesh Khodayar at Sharbatwala Chowk in Camp. He was extremely passionate about cricket; however, because of his broken ankle he had to quit cricket. Nonetheless, his biscuits will completely clean bowl you. The delicious batasa or as we call them the makhanya biscuits, schrewsberry biscuits, butterscotch biscuits, ginger biscuits, cream rolls, mava cakes, will definitely make you yearn for more. The oh-so-buttery biscuits just melt on your tongue. Challenges and obstacles do not oppress him but inspire him. He had to shut down his shop at Sharbatwala Chowk and it was one of the most heart-breaking, tearful moments not only for him but also for his customers and friends. That’s not the end. He shifted his bakery at Minoo Manzil at Solapur Bazar and the pool of customers lwere finally satisfied and relieved that they could now eat the biscuits again. Relentless hard work, dedication and passion reaps fruitful results and success is the moto that Mr. Danesh Khodayar follows and advices everyone to believe and practice it. I, Freny Daruwalla am so happy to be in conversation with the owner of Khodayar Bakery- Mr. Danesh Khodayar.



Freny Daruwalla


Freny Daruwalla