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How to Interview Virtually

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us around the world are still not able to see our loved ones in person. However, we can still record and preserve meaningful conversations remotely. You can use Evergreen Story to connect generations and give comfort and meaning to elders who might feel isolated. At this time of “social distancing” and physical separation, an Evergreen Story interview can be an essential tool for bringing us closer together. Holding a virtual conversation is similar to holding one in person. Remind your interview partner to find a quiet, comfortable place to converse from, and keep in mind any potential background noises that could disrupt your interview. If you are having a video or phone call over WiFi, make sure you and your interview partner have a stable connection. Reminder to always explain to your interview partner that you are recording this interview to publish on the Evergreen Story platform and confirm their participation. Here are some ways you can record, save, and publish your virtual Evergreen Story interview. For most of these options, you require two devices: one on which to hold your interview, and another to record your conversation.

Record on the Evergreen Story App

Your first option is to record an interview directly on the Evergreen Story app. Open the app and login into your Evergreen Story account. Then click the “record an interview” option from the menu, and open the recording page. On another device (phone or laptop), you can call your interview partner. Make sure your recording device is placed on a table or stable location where it can hear your interview partner’s voice. Once you’re both ready, you can click the microphone icon on the Evergreen Story app open on your recording device and start your conversation. After the interview is finished, you click stop on the app and you can end your phone call with your interview partner Then you can add details or save to draft, before you publish your interview.

Record and Upload Later

You also have the option to record your interview, save it as an mp3 file, and upload via your profile on the Evergreen Story website. For these options, you hold and record an Evergreen Story interview on your smartphone or laptop. After you’ve finished recording, you can save your conversation as an mp3 file, login into your Evergreen Story account on a laptop, and upload and publish your story via your profile. Here is how that can look on different devices.

Record on Your Laptop

To record and save a conversation on your laptop with the best sound quality, we recommend creating a zoom account. Once you’ve created and logged into your zoom account, you can click “Schedule a Meeting” and fill out your meeting details such as date and time. Then scroll down to “Meeting Options,” and select the option that says “Automatically record meeting on the local computer.” Then click “Save” and share the zoom link provided with your interview partner. When you hold your Evergreen Story interview on a zoom call from that link, it will automatically record your conversation. After the meeting is over, allow the recording to process and save the mp3 file to your laptop. Then you can follow the next steps on how to upload the story file on your EGS account on your laptop and publish your interview.

Record on Your Phone

To record an Evergreen Story Interview, you can use any voice memos or call recording app on your recording device. On an iPhone this you