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How to Publish Your Evergreen Story Interview

After you finish recording your conversation, you need to add some details before you click publish. These details will help preserve and provide context for your story.

1. Photo(s)

Upload a photo (up to a maximum of four) of you and your interview partner. This can be a selfie of both of you after completing your interview, or from a past occasion. If your conversation had a specific theme, for example cricket or historical, try to include an image from that experience.

2. Title

Add a title that best describes your conversation with your interview partner. It can be a descriptive sentence or an illustrative quote that captures an important experience shared. A good title can help to find the story in your archives.

3. Description

Write a 2-3 sentence description that mentions your name, your interview partner’s name, and any topics the interview covered. The description can be used to provide more context to where you’re chatting, and any details that were not included in the recording.

4. Location

Add the city and country where your interview is being held. In the case, you and your interview partner are speaking from different locations, note both the locations.

5. Language

Coming from a country with multiple languages and dialects, our conversations are often multilingual. Select the language spoken for the majority of the conversation.

6. Theme

Select up to three themes you find best describe the conversation you just recorded. From Journey to Historical to Art, choosing themes help to organize your story into our Evergreen Story collections.

7. Hashtags

Last, type some hashtags that describe your conversation and can help others find the story. This can include cities and locations mentioned, conversation topics, any specific project or initiative described, or an emotion the story encapsulates.